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What CMC Counselling offers. 

CMC counselling is a contemporary counselling service, I offer a holistic approach to counselling using a humanistic base that includes person-centred, transactional analysis and gestalt models of therapy with a contemporary solution focused edge. 

This allows for me to offer counselling to a range of clients that would like a more evenly dispersed emphasis between short-term goals of symptom relief and personal change, and longer-term goals for growth and personal development. 

This holistic approach can foster changes at multiple levels in the client’s personality and can bring different meanings and understandings into the client’s life that can influence the choices made by the client’s, promoting a more acceptable lived experience with less difficulties in the future.

I work with numerous difficulties which can include: generalised anxiety disorder, anxiety, panic attacks, family issues, depression, feeling sad, affairs and betrayals, separation and divorce, low self-esteem, abuse, anger management, trauma and addictions including, alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction, gambling addiction, love addiction and more.

I have an intimate knowledge of twelve step programs and SMART recovery models. 

This list is not exclusive and if you have difficulties outside of this list, these can be discussed.

I offer a unique tailored therapeutic relationship for each client. The client’s goals and visions for the future are the compass that guides the unique therapeutic relationship. 

Having a wide-ranging lived experience in many areas over many years, I can offer an empathetic connection with a large range of clients. This empathetic connection lets me form strong relational bonds within the ethical boundaries (BACP, Ethical Framework Document, 2018) of the unique therapeutic relationship with the client, allowing trust to be built within the relationship in the early stages of therapy. This is built upon the person-centred principles of unconditional positive regard, congruence and empathy, and allows for a therapeutic alliance to flourish and become a genuine relationship that is centred on the client’s needs.

This genuine unique relationship will be confidential, caring and understanding with a non-judgemental attitude towards the client’s past history or present actions. However, this does not mean that the client’s thoughts or actions will not be challenged in a caring manner at stages throughout the therapeutic relationship. This is where the solution focused edge of the therapy can start to take effect. As you may be challenged to look at your part in your life and see how your choices have influenced this present moment. These choices can then be discussed openly and honestly, once the trust in the therapeutic relationship has been achieved and this can form the basis for change. This can be challenging for clients to accept their part in their present moment however once this is brought into focus and understood you can move forward very quickly within the therapeutic relationship allowing the changes to be made that can influence a less difficult future. 

These philosophical principles that I offer as CMC counselling services have proved to be effective with a large range of clients with multiple difficulties. In this, I draw on my experience of many years of working within the counselling/psychotherapy arena.

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