My Experience

I have worked in systemic mental health. This work has included working with clients who have had a variety of diagnosable mental health issues.
I have worked in schools with parents of children who have differentness, where parents have been struggling to support their children in a meaningful way.
This work has included supporting parents with children who have ADHD and Autism, to name a few of the issues.
I have worked within the arena of addictions with clients struggling with AUD (alcohol use disorder), SUD’s (substance use disorder), sex addiction and gambling addiction or a combination of the above and more.
I have a comprehensive knowledge of the twelve-step model and other models of recovery.
I continue to work in a homeless charity around family difficulties, rejection issues and may more.
Finally, I work in general practice with a multitude of issues including racism, cultural issues, sexism, to name a few.
Though all this work, my experience is broad and wide and able to cope with an array of issues and difficulties that are presented.

We will discuss your particular issues and needs at the initial assessment, then discuss how you would like to engage with your issues. 

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